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We at MAJESTIC KITTENS cattery provide our customers with pure and the best quality cats of various breeds. We put a lot of effort in terms of cat’s coat quality, healthiness and activeness and also all our cats are vaccinated and de-wormed on a monthly basis. We aim to fulfill our customer requirements and also maintain a seller-buyer relationship. Our relation with customers will not just end at selling but also we will be in touch with our customers for any future related cat issues and help them to resolve. Apart from this our cattery is “Cage-Free” as we don’t keep our cats caged they are kept open and are free to roam and purr anywhere they want. You can buy a kitten from  MAJESTIC KITTENS as we provide CASH ON DELIVERY services for our all over India customers.

Who We Are


Majestic kittens are the best kitten breeders. We have various cat breeds. We have doll face kittens, golden eyes kittens, blue eyes kittens, white kittens, black kittens etc.

We are known as the best Persian cat breeders in Delhi, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Chandigarh, Kerala, Bangalore, Tamilnadu and Orissa. We sell cats online in all of India. We care for your puffy kittens as they are your new family member. We give medicine after consulting a professional veterinary doctor only.

We don’t feed direct heavy milk to a kitten. We give cat personal space to rest and proper nourishment. We also give quick grooming to your cat friend every day.

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Majestic kittens for sale over 2 months of age and who have an ideal weight of 850 gms to 900 gms. We groom each and every kitten on daily basis and have routine checkups with the vet to make sure they all are healthy.

All cats in our Cattery are toilet trained. Also, we provide free assistance to our customers in terms of what to feed, when to give a bath, do’s and don’t and any other questions related to the kitten.

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