Ragdolls kittens


Ragdolls kittens available for paid adoption
This Puppy cat says Pup(pet) me Please.
For people who are looking for an affectionate lap cat, the Ragdoll is for them. With an extremely friendly and blissfully relaxed personality, they’ll bring a special warmth into your home right away.

If you are someone searching for a quiet, laid-back cat to fill their “empty Adobe,” travel with them in an RV or be their work-at-home companion will find the people-loving Ragdoll cat to be a
perfect choice.

Although he won’t mind snoozing the day away if you have to go off to work, he’ll want to be with you or near you when you’re at home.

Origin: Riverside
Higher classification: Cat
Rank: Breed
Length: 17 to 21 inches, not including the tail
Life Span: 12 to 17 years

The personality of Ragdoll cats
The ragdolls are affectionately loving cats. Gentle, calm and sociable are the main attributes of these cats. Ragdolls are not much demanding and have almost dog-like devotion to their owner.
They quite amiable and get along well with kids, dogs and other cats. They have a friendly side and love to dwell in the human company. These cats are indoor pets so it is necessary to take their care and not letting them go out alone.

Fast facts
These cats are known as Puppy-Cats because they like to follow their owners wherever they go.
Ragdolls are not messy they rarely investigate their surroundings
The breed was named “Ragdoll” because they often go limp and relax like a rag or cloth doll when it is picked Ragdoll is very intelligent and inquisitive by nature. It can be easily trained by using positive reinforcement methods.

Ann Baker, a breeder in California, developed the breed in the early 1960s using free-roaming cats she found in her neighborhood. As time went on, she grew eccentric and other breeders broke distanced themselves to maintain the integrity of the breed.
In 1993, the breed was registered with the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), receiving full recognition in 2000. The American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) also recognized the breed.

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