Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding/Accommodation Services.

Forget the stress of leaving your cat while you head out of town. With cat-tailored accommodations and feline-friendly activities galore, you can rest assured your cat is cozy, comfy, and perfectly content in our care.


The amount charged is Rs 500 per day. The one-day charge should be paid in advance to confirm your booking.


You should provide the food (wet/dry) for the cat in an adequate amount that should be sufficient for the days of the cat’s stay with us. We can also buy food for the cat on your behalf but you will be additionally charged for it.


The cost of litter is included in our charges; you do not need to get litter or pay extra. We use clumping ball-shaped bentonite cat litter.

Stress-free Ambience

We make sure that the cat feels at home. There will be an ample amount of space for the cat to roam and play around. Light music will be played throughout the day to keep the cat relaxed. There will be no cages.

Neutered/ Spayed Cats only

We kindly bring it to your notice that, cats above 6-7 months of age should be neutered/spayed before their arrival at the boarding.

Emergency Medical Services

If it becomes necessary, your pet will be taken to a veterinary surgeon. You are responsible for any fees that are reasonably incurred during your absence or during the course of an assignment, including transportation. Since such situations can be unpredictable, we cannot accept responsibility in the case of your pet’s demise.

Your Pet

The client shall furnish all the information about the cat’s lifestyle and habits, tastes, likes, dislikes, idiosyncrasies, preferences, etc. And shall be responsible for advising the boarding center of the cat’s behavior, temperament and medical history, and current medical needs.

Compulsory Vaccination

As the cats may carry infections with or without symptoms, we urge all the cat parents to vaccinate their pets. A copy of the vaccination record should be provided on arrival.

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