Himalayan kittens


Cute Himalayan Kittens
A lovable cat, the Himalayan can be both a quiet companion and energetic playmate. This breed is generally friendly to everyone.

The Himalayan cat also known as Himmies is a medium-sized cat, very similar in appearance to the Persian cat and maintains many of its features, such as a round body and short legs.

Himalayans differ from Persians in their eye colour and coat variations – the
Himalayan eye colour is blue and it has a white/cream coat with black, blue, lilac, chocolate, red, cream, tabby or tortoiseshell colour points, a result of crossing with the Siamese cat.

As with their Persian cousins, the Himalayan cat has two facial variations:traditional/doll-faced, or peke-faced (named after the Pekingese dog with squashed-looking features).

Himalayans usually weigh around 5 kg, but females may weigh less and males may weigh more. They generally stand between 25 and 30 cm tall and have a lifespan of 9 – 15 years.

Size: Medium
Activity: Medium
Noise: High
Allergies: High
Independence: Medium
Grooming: High

Fast facts

  • The first Himalayan kitten was named “Newton’s Debutante”.
  • Himmies are the most popular pedigreed cat.
  •  Martha Stewart owns seven Himalayan cats, all named after famous composers
  • Himmies are a manmade breed.


Himalayan cats are very loyal and loving. These cuties will cuddle and sleep by your side. They crave for human companionship. They prefer to rest in their your lap rather than playing around. They are placid and energetic at same time.

Himalayan History

Himalayan cats owe their origins to responsible breeders who carefully crossbred two popular breeds: Persians to Siamese to create a new hybrid breed with Siamese point coloring and a Persian’s long hair.

A British breeder named Brian Sterling-Webb devoted 10 years to create a longhaired color point cat and earned breed recognition from the Governing Council of Cat Fancy in 1955. Two years later, Marguerita Goforth, a California breeder, successfully petitioned the Cat Fanciers Association to recognize the Himalayan as a new breed. CFA recognized four Himalayan colors – seal point, chocolate point, blue point and lilac point.

In 1966, the first Himalayan earned a CFA grand championship title.

In 1984, the CFA combined the Himalayan and Persian breeds, making the Himalayan a separate division of the Persian breed, which ranks No. 1 in popularity among its 41 recognized breeds.

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