Siamese cat


This Boss-Cat is ready for it’s new mansion.
Siamese cats are known for their strikingly amazing features and affectionate nature.

If you’re someone who is searching for a comrade, the Siamese could be a perfect match for you. These elegant felines love to play and spend time with their families, and they always have something to narrate.

Siamese Cats are quite social, intelligent and vocal – they’ll talk to anyone who wants to listen, and even those who don’t. They also play well with other cats, dogs and children. In fact, they thrive on companionship, so it’s a good idea to get them a playmate to interact with throughout the day. Although they’re active and curious, they also love curling up on their human’s lap or snuggling up next to them in bed.

Weight: Males, 8-12 pounds; females, 5-8 pounds
Length: 12-14 inches
Life Span: Between 11 and 20 years, with the average being about 15
Coat: Shorthair
Color: Seal point, chocolate point, blue point and lilac point, with a light-colored main coat, ranging from white to fawn, and darker legs, tail, face and ears, ranging from black to pinkish gray (known as lilac)
Eye Color: Vivid blue
Ears: Large and pointed

The Siamese cat is amiable and friendly. Siamese cats with long, slender and athletic features love to play with people of all ages including kids, as well as other cats and cat-friendly dogs.
They’re usually playful and love lap snuggling. Siamese cats very opinionated and are desperate to share: They will carry on meow-conversations and seem to always want the last word!
This strong and energetic breed demands attention. They love climbing and readily jump great heights. Siamese cats can push open doors, turn-twist water taps and even switch on televisions with their paws. So this smarty can be tricked into games of fetch easily.
Fast facts

  • Hundreds of years ago, Siamese cats were treasured by royal families in Thailand because of its distinctive, unusual, and beautiful appearances.
  • Oldies, but goodies, like The Incredible Journey, The Lady and the Tramp, and That Darn Cat! starred Siamese cats.
  • In fact, the entire plot of That Darn Cat! is centered on a Siamese named DC (or Darn Cat) who helps stop a kidnapping.

Felis catus is the scientific name of the Siamese cat. The common nickname of these cats is

History of Siamese cat:

The origin of the Siamese cat has been traced to the Orient, and while there may not be strong historic evidence, it is believed that they originated in tropical Thailand, known then as Siam, sometime around the 14th century. They first appeared in a Thai manuscript called the Tamra Maew, or ‘The Cat Book Poems,’ which gives us an early depiction of the country’s dark-pointed cats. This makes the Siamese is a very old breed, even if we don’t quite know where it came from.
Legend has it this breed was the “temple cat” of the King of Siam. These kitties were not only admired by the king for their beauty but also trusted as guard-cats. The King’s kitties were placed around the throne, perched on top. If anyone threatened his majesty, his cats could pounce on the individual, knocking them to the ground, or so the story goes.

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