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Majestic Kittens provide cute and healthy kittens for adoption and sale. We provide our customers with the best quality cat breeds. We have many kitten breeds for sale.
The Bengal cat is a perfect combination of leopard and domestic cat. The Persian breed is mostly loved by all. Mainecoon cat is a natural breed and it is from North America with friendly nature. Siamese Cats are very famous for their beautiful eyes. We groom each and every kitten on daily basis and do routine checkups with the vet to make sure that they all are healthy.

We sell cats with an ideal weight of 850gms to 900gms and over 2 months of age. We provide all over India delivery of kittens. We also provide cash-on-delivery services to all over India customers with an initial booking amount of Rs. 1000.

We aim in fulfilling our customer requirements and maintain a buyer-seller relationship because customer satisfaction is very important to us. We do 100% cage-free cattery and raise friendly kittens. All kittens are followed by natural breeding. All cats are toilet trained. Also, we provide free assistance to our customers in terms of what to feed, when to give a bath, do’s and dont’s of cats, and any other questions related to the cats or kittens. We provide all over India delivery. So come and jump into our world full of furry-ness and be one of their homes.

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